Monday, 1 October 2012

Duh, UV Rays Can Cause Skin Cancer?

Hot sun should not be overlooked loh. Because, more often exposed to sunlight, especially ultraviolet (UV) light, the greater your potential for skin cancer.

Apparently, UV rays that harm the skin there are two types. "A when exposed to UV rays too often will make the skin get old because the collagen in the skin sags. Meanwhile, exposure to UV-B rays cause kuliy intensive burning and skin cancer risk in the long term," said dr. Eddy Karta, GDSS, Wednesday (26/09).

Dermatologist and sex was also suggested that reducing out of room prone to sun exposure. "Instead, do not go out at 11.00-14.00 o'clock pm without using a protective skin. If you want to get out, use protective skin, like lotion or clothes that cover the skin," he added.

Continued, despite clouds, should remain vigilant with UV exposure. "UV rays are still there. Approximately 20 percent is absorbed in the skin," said Eddy.

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